My Lord's Poison in Darkfire Illusion

by Millicent Waffles

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Nijobi was a Deractian priest from the highlands of Vkenitwarf, involved in an ancient cult that permeated the fringes of his world. The Deractians were a large, brutish race of humanoids who lived from an appetite of human flesh and blood. Their ritual would involve the hunting of humans, eventually luring them into the Deractian's sulfuric wastelands, where the humans would suffocate or become weakened. Then, using blades submerged in poison water, they'd slice through the human flesh and consume the bodily organs and blood. This behavior also was a primary part of their religious ceremonies.

Humans came in contact with Deractians from their interstellar voyages to the Deractian planet long ago. Early on in their history, the Deractians formed a cult based off of what they found in the human's holy text, the Bible. They interpreted the holy communion as divine instructions that state that if one is to consume the body of man, they are consuming the body of Christ, and thus ascend into higher realms of divinity when they meet their death. This assumption, along with the Deractian's naturally violent tendencies, inspired their present status as the top predators in Vkenitwarf.

Nijobi was a notorious Deractian, known for his leadership and authority. However, upon gorging on the blood of a particular man, he becomes drowned in an uncontrollable trance. The pleasure emitted from this experience causes him to go on an unregulated killing spree of most of the humans in the area, one that makes him an enemy of the priesthood. In his heresy, Nijobi consumes the last human left in the land.


released June 21, 2016

This album was recorded live in a few hours on a sunny May afternoon in Andrew Bittner's basement.

Myles Oliver - keyboard, vocals, drums on tracks 4 and 5
Andrew Bittner - drums, vocals, keyboard on track 5



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Millicent Waffles Ohio

M. Waffles is an experimental black metal inspired project; an extension of Myles Oliver and other contributing artists. We attempt to create a space where a flow of consciousness and meditations on atmospheres guide the musical compositions.

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