Imodius Forms: Millenium Flux

by Count to Altek

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Within an unseen hyper-dimensional place exists a plane of highly complex, and constantly changing, digital existence. In the world of Dochodomy, the primary operator of the Network, known as Eden, is in turmoil. As she is consumed by a advanced algorithm, a group of highly specialized droids warp through different 'zones' in an attempt to eliminate the algorithms' attack code.


released May 26, 2017

Keyboards, vocals, composition, production - Myles Oliver
Keyboard, mini-synth - Kenichi Takao
Electronic drums - Sam Hess, Yukio Nakagawa
Amplifier effects, electronics - Ono Hirota
Hand claps, steel tubing - Kenneth Anglis
Shaman drum - Shingo Izubuchi
Bass - Steven Williamson



all rights reserved


Millicent Waffles Ohio

M. Waffles is an experimental black metal inspired project; an extension of Myles Oliver and other contributing artists. We attempt to create a space where a flow of consciousness and meditations on atmospheres guide the musical compositions.

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Track Name: They Constructed the Supernetwork Using Only Sound
On dreary nights we set our house ablaze
'Twas drawn down, and ripples emotion

Spreading out across the lake
A tower emerges before my eyes
Dripping against the moonlight

A secret path is looming
Ghost clamors at my door

Ripples of sunset in her eyes
Reflections on her skin at night
She is the poem inside me
And it never fades, it is eternal

She lives as a passenger in my spirit
Guiding me towards starry lights
Like a story, a vortex emerges from the ground
It readjusts and forms a shape

Ultimately feel, and a meaning that's by its very nature
It lives inside of me
Coded, colored action takes road upon road before those flying shapes go and find the sum of the star

Orb kinetic, like it never mattered
You carved your life like it was a computer
Track Name: Mind of Nebulous Laser (Tera)
A large crystallized mountain before me
Waited until now
A passage dissipates as I had dissolved
Gone by now

And laying there, wings take me with grace
Now then, understand my land
And breathe once again
I have received no answer about my location currently

Where to go, where to see
So many possibilities
Entering the final brain control
Creatures fall and die, do always

Going down the rowing path
Yeah, solar ray armada

How many times have I complained about the sequence forms
They're on my mind, I cannot see
Its over there, and then that's all I further
In there are interconnected forms to computerized mechanisms
Having all that space is a must

Now listen darling you are the most beautiful one in their whole wide system
Track Name: Living In the Data Flow
I'm at Network

I see you, instrument
None will live for your treachery

I'm lost in Network
Its in my veins
It falls into pattern, and starts to sway... around
Into the system's feelings
Track Name: N-437 MILLENIUM Structure
Below what is done
Inside a zone, where trying is hard
Actuate dream from inside a star
Geometry was always there

Inside that place
We had forced drones out of here
We will ascend into the ethosphere

It was our building to build
Cooled plasma base
It's built upon you, built around you

We built it along the grid transfer
As I contain the matter and energy
Solar hive, solar alive
That binding is proof that construction must continue

When she comes through, he's a transference of sleeptime
And me; flame in the area

This grid opened up
I sent it to the hive
Desperately opening doors
Opening transports

Whispering waves in front of me
A translucent shape that's hard to see
With an intelligent revolving entrance, it is moving about
In this imperfect void, I'll never give up
This is my brain

The goal is to find Eden, to be free in the main
Who will hold the tools...
No one wants you to feel like you couldn't find...
Why can't we find peace, inside the night

Stars are light, I touch them
Track Name: This Is Why Stars Glitter Through Your Presence
This is a way which can never hold a secret
I have done, and intervened well
As ones, the secret Dochodomy

And the extraction key
A broken system, a broken world
Lying there like whatever you want
But it doesn't control your heart

Hoping for my zone, yeah
Or my mark, yeah

And the system will be broken down again
Like an old dead-weight
And it pulls them, and it takes
Bringing forth the pattern, a warning
Sequence (sequence)

Only because its a perfect kind
Everybody you ever knew will be there, everybody you know will be sequenced, everybody has released cause

This is why the stars glitter in your eyes
Patterns will smash, you don't have to lift a finger
Shadows grace my eye, this deep whole
Track Name: Technoquatic Hacker
Rather would stream than be a celestial being
Lives at the Key Port
Better that you keep some kind of sun lining

Wasted, explaining change of the lines, change of the hives, they will not keep you in your drawer
Cannot divide, ripple in light, you awoke the fire we took

You will not be able to say what is inside you
What is there moves faster, baby
Oh, baby

Waves in a line
This machine will shatter
It's in my own mind
You won't feel sore when they shatter
But we will protect our own minds

As you came from the plasmic hive, I wait in the trident light
And day pulls night, it's rain is crystal light
Oh day, upends night
In the shade of rainbow night, glowing neon light
Watches me every time

Oh, bring to thee
They doth sweetlight
Track Name: Coded Access Point from Project-K
The code is randomized

You'll be my laid to last stone
It wasn't worth chaining it to the air
Found it in essence, digital codes coalesce
With petals and particles in the air, and sound waves floating about the stair

I won't be lost too
I won't forget about you

The code is randomized
Track Name: Liquid Memory of Area 1
Traveling quick through the exit gates
Hoping we get through the eye
Underway, off the zone
Inward, only of me

In this rotating star there is a home

No, rhythm visions come around in tens
Falling short of fission
Beyond the air

Inner planetary glow
Fall, never let them reach the wall that requests light

This is my memory of Area 1
To protect is a priority
See, opening up infinity
Species inter-connectivity
Never-ending frequency
Track Name: Breaching the Network Opening
Traveling through the network
And you will see too

They set up a transfer for which I must go
They keep on opening the eye awake
They will find a way to the site
And witness the droid

And we must carry the way for the sight
They lay upon the ground, connected and time to go

Networks drive and dislocate the sequence
Track Name: Eden's Final Form
Some outward ones have gone and invented a new location
Eden has risen

Oh, on the arm of power
Planes of a shattered entrance
An instance

World of worlds